You see a car, you write down the license plate in the app and you can talk to the owner of the car, it's magic!

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In which case to use Capters?

Capters can be used to develop mutual aid, safety and social connection:

Children / Animals

Rescue a child or an animal in danger in a car (especially with our Emergency SMS or SuperCAPTS function)


Warn the owner of an act of vandalism on his vehicle to repair damage (scratch on vehicle, attempted theft, crash in parking lot)

Problem on vehicle

Notify the owner of a problem (howling alarm, broken bulb, fluid leak, smoke, suspicious noise, window open / broken, muffler coming off, trunk open, loss of a hubcap etc ...)

Social link

Create a social link (invite a person to an event (private party, gathering, outing), keep in touch with an acquaintance, meeting, request for carpooling, discussion in traffic jams etc ...)

Loss of objects

Warn the owner of the loss of an object (phones, house keys, wallets or official documents lost while getting in the car)

Badly parked

Warn a badly parked person in front of their garage / an exit

Commercial proposal / Professional

Make a commercial proposal to buy or sell a car or contact a professional that you have met (van without advertising etc ...)

Have we already contacted you?

Download the application and quickly discover your pending messages!

Simple, easy and free!

CAPTERS is the only application in the WORLD that allows you to speak FREE to vehicle owners (car, motorcycle, bus, boat, jet-ski, plane, drone, etc.) thanks to their registrations in 29 countries , while remaining ANONYMOUS.

User verification

All application profiles are verified. Each message will be delivered to the right person only after reviewing the ownership certificate.

100% anonymous!

Confidentiality on CAPTERS is our absolute priority. Your identity is protected thanks to your nickname. No personal data will be disseminated without your prior consent. Talk to the owner of a vehicle now while remaining anonymous !

Multilingual & Multipays

CAPTERS is currently available in 7 languages ​​which makes it an ideal solution for communication across the 29 selected countries (French, English, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Turkish).

Multi-owner & multi-vehicle

You share your vehicle with a member of your family or other? You can fill in all this information and add secondary drivers. You have several means of transport? You will only need one account to reference all your vehicles.

Intuitive interface

An intuitive application that allows you to easily contact users of the CAPTERS community in 29 countries around the world.

Instant notifications

Get notified of all new information simply with real-time notifications!

How does it work?

Easy to use, CAPTERS allows you in a few clicks to remain reachable and to contact any vehicle owner previously registered on the application. The CAPTERS application is accessible to everyone, including people having no vehicle:

1) Creation of an account in 40 seconds (without vehicle)

Create your account

Download the 'application, enter your e-mail address, choose your nickname (visible to all). Select your gender, validate the general conditions of use of the application

Validate your phone

Enter your phone number, you will receive a code to authenticate your account and ensure that it is you

Your account is active!

Your profile is now active, you can finally start the CAPTERS adventure and capture whoever you want!

2) And if you own a vehicle, add it!

Country and type of vehicle

Enter your country and type of vehicle in this section

Vehicle information

Then enter the brand, model and numberplate number

Intuitive interface

An intuitive application that allows you to easily contact users of the CAPTERS community in 29 countries around the world.

Your link request is complete!

Our team takes over and verifies your information. You will receive a notification when your link request is accepted.

Some comments from CAPTERS users

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Simple and efficient!The application is simple, no frills, the design is neat and I understood the concept immediately.


Excellent idea! Excellent idea for an application, I don't understand why no one had thought of it before! Now there's more than a lot of people to go on it!


I love this app! I think the idea of ​​this application is brilliant! I have already talked about it around me and it!


The team is responsive!Responsive support, which answers all your questions! Many uses of the app possible!


Bravo! Well done for this App! I have shared it with a lot of my friends;)


Must have! An application to have to be reachable in case of problem or to reach someone, congratulations to the team for the work they have done and thank you for participating in a more united society!


Faster, lighter, more economical!

Our latest app is faster, lighter and more economical than ever!






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