Frequently Asked Questions

Is the application paid for?

No, the application is free, however we offer different paid options that will allow you to improve its functionality, such as SUPERCAPTS

Can I update or delete my personal information?

Yes, you can update your personal information

  • Your date of birth can be modified
  • Your gender, your postal code can be modified at will on your account
  • Your mobile phone and email can be modified on request
  • The country cannot be modified because it is linked to your phone number.

  • It will not be possible to delete your information one by one, however, you can permanently delete your account.
    In this case, we cons keep your data for 12 months. After this period, your data will be permanently deleted.

    How to contact the owner of a vehicle?

  • Step 1: You download the application
  • Step 2: Register with your real information
  • Step 3: Enter license plate and chat directly
  • I do not have vehicle. Can I still register?

    Of course, you can register on CAPTERS even if you don't have a vehicle. You will be able to get in touch with the owner of a vehicle via his license plate, or else simply with other users using their pseudonym.

    Do the old ones license plates are accepted on the app?

    Yes, old license plates are accepted.

    How many vehicles can I add?

    As many as you have, it's free

    Are all types of vehicles accepted?

    Yes, here is a list: cars, vans, caravans / camper / trailers, trucks, motorcycles and derivatives, scooters and derivatives, mopeds, quads, buses / buses / coaches, forklifts, construction machinery, agricultural vehicles / tractors, boats and derivatives, jet-skis, airplanes and derivatives, helicopters, aircraft, hot air balloons, and even drones! It is sufficient to have an official numberplate number (certificate to be attached) issued by your country.

    I do not have a personal vehicle but a professional vehicle, can I register?

    Yes, in this case it is necessary that the holder of the certificate of vehicle numberplate, ie your boss, creates an account and, using the application's sharing function,you access to the account linked to the car.

    In what situations can I use the app?

    There are hundreds of reasons to use the app, here are just a few:

    • There is a technical problem with your vehicle visible to everyone except you (a flat tire, a broken headlight, etc.).
    • A Capter surprises a driver in the process of damaging your car and who goes away cowardly without taking responsibility for his act… The user of our application only has to note his plate and send you a SUPERCAPT to warn you in order to restore the situation !
    • You forgot a prominent valuables e in your car (mobile phone, PC, GPS, bag, wallet, etc.). A Captter passes by and can warn you before a possible theft;
    • Your vehicle's alarm sounds constantly and disturbs the neighborhood;
    • You forgot to close your windows;
    • You forgot to turn off your headlights;
    • You break down on the side of the highway or in a rest area, no loved one is reachable, you want we come to your aid and you don't want to disturb people unnecessarily, so you decide to ask for help through the CAPTERS app.
    • You want to get to know the person you saw in a parking lot when you came out of the supermarket.
    • You have lost sight of a person for several years and you have passed them by chance in traffic jams.
    • You want to sell your vehicle
    • You want to buy a vehicle

    What happens if I receive messages unwanted?

    Any unwanted message (insults, harassment) is strictly banned. In the event of harassment, you can block its perpetrator and you have the option of reporting it to us through the app, a warning will be sent immediately and possibly even a definitive ban if we deem it necessary.

    Do I need a connection to connect to the app?

    Yes, you need an internet connection. The application does not consume a lot of power and little data.

    Does the application have a direct link with the police or the States?

    No , we have no connection with them, however we are subject to the law of each country and, in the context of a serious matter, the competent authorities may have access to the data if the court decides.

    In how many countries can I use the CAPTERS application?

    For the moment, the application is available in all 29 countries around the world: Germany, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Vatican City, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Qatar, United Kingdom, Saint-Martin, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey.

    Is there a geolocation option?

    No, for the moment this option is not not available because useless.

    If I rent a car, does it work?

    Yes, the CAPTERS app works with some partner agencies.

    How can I be sure that we will not know my identity?

    Our application is 100% anonymous, the identity of a person is never revealed to anyone, nor exposed to other members, users communicate via license plate numbers and nicknames.

    Can I use the app anywhere and anytime?

    Yes, you can use the application in all 29 countries mentioned above. You must also have an internet connection in order to access the services of the app. However, we remind you that it is strictly FORBIDDEN to use the application while driving.

    How can I be sure that my CAPTERS account is secure?

    Do not Never share your password with anyone, not even us. We will never ask you, under any circumstances, to give us your password. For optimal security of your account, your phone number is requested when you register, so that we can send you a verification code. If you notice any problem related to the security of your account, please contact us quickly at